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The Founder



FRED HAMELTEN is rightly known as “Norway’s one and only eyebrow guru.” Universally acknowledged as the man behind Norway’s new and growing eyebrow industry, he is known all over the country, not only within the trade, but also to consumers ranging from young urban women to grandmothers in Norway’s faraway fjords and deep forests.


Fred Hamelten’s eyebrow styling was listed as one of the world’s Top 10 beauty treatments by the magazine Costume Beauty. Fred Hamelten is also Chief Judge of Miss Universe Norway.


Fred Hamelten is known from countless TV programmes on Norway’s major TV channels, fashion and beauty magazines, trade magazines and daily newspapers.

Quality and elegance

Two concepts that are consistent throughout Fred Hamelten’s line of eyebrow products, and inherent in everything from the choice of material, the design and the look-and-feel of the product.
This, in combination with the aesthetic, makes for a unique and complete collection that gives you everything you need for beautiful eyebrows, from the shape and make-up to the end result.
A selection of new and exciting products have been designed specifically to compliment the present range and will be available soon.



Experience the pleasure of working with silky smooth colouring products enhanced by high quality pre- and post-treatments.


Explore the beauty of working with handmade tools designed for precision.


Fred Thread is a professional thread developed for eyebrow threading.

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